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Complete Gay Games results can be downloaded from the Chicago Gay Games web site.  We will list Seattle area folks that received medals in Gay Games VII on this page.

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  Gay Games web results:

Volleyball -Gold Medal Team

The Madison Pub Rainmakers, of which Brant, Donn, Shad, Sean, Michael, and Andy are members, won the 
B Division gold medal. Also on our team was Ed from Vancouver and Matt from St. Louis.  After finishing 8-4 in 
round robin play, they dominated their way through the double-elimination tournament as the #4 seed. Off all the 
Seattle athletes at the Games, the Rainmakers participated in one of the most international of all the 
competitions, facing teams from Mexico, France, Chile, Cost Rica, and New Zealand.  

Orca Swim Club
Our fabulous Orca Swim Team took home over 25 medals.  The men took home medals when they partnered with our fantastic women swimmers in relays. This strategy works well when you have great men swimmers and suburb women swimmers in the relay team. 

We also had some world champion type folks swimming at the Gay Games in Chicago.  Lisa Dahl is superb in the sprint distance swimming.  She took 5 gold medals in individual competition and silver in a mixed relay.  She also broke 5 Gay Games records and 1 U.S. Masters National Record in the 100 IM.  Seattle other women that were remarkable in their events.  Adele Botha is one of the youngest members, but she took several gold and silver medals.  Heidi Hansen and Kathleen Morris also took personal medals.  Even a straight woman can compete and win in Gay Games!  The games are open to all, and yes straight folks love the Gay Games. 

Seattle Orca Swim Team men and women that won in relays were George Gonzalez, Robby Davis, Kathleen Morris, and Adel Botha in the Mixed Men & Women 400 SC Meter Freestyle Relay.  Another relay, Mixed 120-159 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay gave silver to Lisa Dahl, Nick Klem, Matt Lind, Adele Botha  took the silver medal.  Proof 2 women can help 2 guys get a medal at the Gay Games!  In the Mixed 120-159 200 SC Meter Medley Relay, Matt Lind, Nick Clem, Lisa Dahl, Adele Botha took another silver medal.

Physique  -  This was the first Gay Games for each guy!
Michael Guerrero takes a Silver medal in Men's Novice Age-21-39 Lightweight class.
Bruce Ayres takes Silver in Heavyweight Class Men's Masters Level - Modified

Kathy McBride takes a Silver medal in 8 Ball recreational level.

Tim Koffler took GOLD in the E Division

Hank Meuret took a Bronze in the sprint relay at Gay Games Chicago!
Tarl Oliason and Mike Paonessa were part of a sprint relay that took Gold.

Dance Sport
Marcella Benson-Quaziena took Bronze in Line Dance: Beginner Overall

10K Road Race   Very Hot Weather!
Molly Metz took Bronze in the 30-34 Female group with 58:39

Gold medal for Jake Bartholomy   
Read his personal story about this event on the Team Seattle web site. 
1st in age group, 2nd overall   Time 2:48:07

Mixed Doubles BRONZE   Joe Cox (Seattle) and Catherine Le Cornu (Australia)

Gary AKA K-O Keopanya and Elie Henry took Silver in Competitive Pairs.
Gary AKA K-O Keopanya took Gold in Singles Competitive Darts
Gary AKA K-O Keopanya took Gold in Competitive Cricket Singles

Track and Field Medals for Team Seattle 
Seattle Frontrunners Gay Games Results
14 participants from Seattle Frontrunners.
Total medals - 19
Gold - 6
Silver - 10
Bronze - 3

Complete results here.

*** TRACK & FIELD ***

100m dash
M50 Russ Lamar 13.03 - Gold

200m dash
M55 Bill Etnyre 30.04 - Silver

400m dash
M55 Bill Etnyre 67.22 - Gold
M55 Dean Koga 68.22 - Silver

400m hurdles
M50 Russ Lamar 1:05.8 - Gold

800m run
M55 Dean Koga 2:42.45 - Silver
M55 Bill Etnyre 2:44.67 - Bronze

1500m run
M40 Mark Alexander 4:41.61 - Silver
M55 Dean Koga 5:54.26 - Bronze
M65 Jerry Lewis 7:32.39 - Silver

5000m run
M40 Kelly Stevens 20:38.9 - Silver

5000m race walk
M50 Richard Newman 34:10.39 - Silver

Pole vault
M50 Russ Lamar 3.40m - Gold

4x400m relay
Russ Lamar (for Team San Francisco) NT - Silver

M50 Woody Deitrich 22.15 - Silver
M55 Rene Valdes 14.4 - Silver

M50 Russ Lamar 6253 - Gold
(Pole vault PR 3.50m during decathlon)

*** ROAD RACES ***

M30 Jake Bartholomy 2:48:07 - Gold

M40 Kelly Stevens 44:36 - 10th
M40 Tim Murphy 48:20 - 17th

Sprint distance
M40 Hank Meuret 1:20:21 - Bronze
M40 Phil Brennan 1:23:28 - 5th
Olympic distance
M18 Chris Bresemann 2:27:26 - 6th

Emerald City Softball Association

ECSA Members Bring Home Gay Games Medals

Members of the Emerald City Softball Association Open Division won
medals in no less than three sports at the Gay Games VII, held July
8-15 in Chicago. Three ECSA teams  the Blue Sox, Sting, and Alley
Cats  also participated in the softball competition. Several others
traveled to the Games to participate in basketball and tennis.
Congratulations to all who participated  and a special congratulation
to the following medalists:

Gary Carter (Wolfpack)
Chris Larsen (Wolfpack)
Michael Lunde (Wolfpack)
Gold Medal  Softball

Gary, Chris, and Michael played on L.A. Team Energy, a nationwide
pick-up team. They brought home a gold medal in the Open "A" Division
 the most competitive softball division at the Games. Team Energy
made it to the championship game through the winner's bracket before
losing to the North Georgia Bulldogs. Then in the "if" game, Team
Energy came back from a 14-run deficit in the second inning to beat
the Bulldogs by one run. Congratulations to all three for bringing
home the gold  and a special thank you to Gary, aka "Dixie", for all
he's done for Emerald City Softball over the years. As announced
during the league awards ceremony earlier this month, he is headed
soon for a new adventure in Atlanta. We're going to miss you, Dix.

Brant Lyerla (Blue Sox)
Donn Rupp (Naughty Angels player, and Dragons coach)
Shad Reichart (formerly of the Brewers)
Gold Medal  Volleyball

The Madison Pub Rainmakers, of which Brant, Donn, and Shad are
members, won the BB Division gold medal. After finishing 8-4 in round
robin play, they dominated their way through the double-elimination
tournament as the #4 seed. Off all the Seattle athletes at the Games,
the Rainmakers participated in one of the most international of all
the competitions, facing teams from Mexico, France, Chile, Cost Rica,
and New Zealand.

Gary "Keo" Keopanya (Brewers) Two Gold Medals, One Silver Medal  Darts
Elie Henry (Bulldogs) Silver Medal  Darts

It is no mystery that Keo is one of the best pitchers in the ECSA, but
his performance in darts at Gay Games was simply phenomenal. Keo
walked away from the events having earned both of the competitive
division individual gold medals  cricket and 501. Then, in the
competitive division pairs event, Elie Henry and Keo teamed up to win
a silver medal in "501". They also finished in fourth place in the
competitive pairs cricket competition.

If you are aware of any other ECSA members who medaled at the Gay
Games, please contact Membership Director Jeff Card
( to ensure we properly recognize all our members
for their accomplishments.


Seattle Martial Arts Women Bring Home Gay Games Medals

Two women martial artists who train at Seven Star Women's Kung Fu in
Seattle won three medals at the Gay Games VII, held July 8-15 in Chicago. 
Michele Miller won two gold medals and Heather Coyle a bronze for their
performances in the Women's Black Belt Forms divisions.

Miller won her first gold in the Women's Senior Black Belt Weapons
division, competing against Coyle who won the bronze. Both performed forms
in the Northern Shaolin style. Miller used the elegant Chinese
double-edged sword or Geem, and Coyle wielded the shorter, heavier Broadsword
or Do. In the empty hand forms, Miller won the gold again in the Women's
3rd Dan and above Division with another Northern Shaolin form, Di Ba
Lo. The two women study Northern Shaolin with Cheung Yiu Shing in Hong
Kong, where they learned the forms for the competition. They both are
students at Seven Star Women's Kung Fu, a Kajukenbo school in the Central
District, which is celebrating their twenty five year anniversary this
fall. Miller is a 3rd degree black belt at the school and Coyle holds a
green belt in Kajukenbo, as well as a  black belt in Chung Moo Do.
Sigung Barbara Bones, also of Seattle coached them for the competition.

Thanks Sigung!!!



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