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Team Seattle Mission

Team Seattle
exists to facilitate, provide and promote opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and their friends in all sports at all levels of ability, and to foster their physical and emotional health and well-being. We accomplish this mission primarily by providing an inter-sports resource network for athletes and sports leaders, by organizing Seattle's team to the Gay Games and by promoting Sport Events and Sports Festivals.  Team Seattle is a member of the Federation of Gay Games.


Team Seattle History

Team Seattle was founded in 1986 for the express purpose of organizing Seattle's team to Gay Games II in San Francisco. With 153 athletes competing in 17 of the 17 offered at Gay Games II, Seattle entered the Games with the 2nd largest contingent outside California, except New York City. Since then, Team Seattle's mission has broadened to include all aspects of promoting and expanding opportunities for lesbian and gay participation in all forms of organized sport.

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Major Events and Milestones

1987: Team Seattle organized the first Gay/Lesbian Summer Sports Festival as a way of sustaining the excitement and momentum of the Gay Games II. The Sports Festival is held annually except every fourth year, when the Gay Games convenes.

1990: We organized a team of 430 athletes for participation in Gay Games III in Vancouver, B.C. Canada making our team one of the largest in the world to attend.

1994: Over 325 Team Seattle athletes (representing all 31 sanctioned sports) journeyed to New York City to participate in Unity '94. Our athletes brought home 48 medals and ranked as one of the top ten teams to compete in the games.

March 1995: Team Seattle produced its 2nd Annual Gay/Lesbian Winter Sports Festival (also known as Slide for Pride). The event featured Alpine (slalom and giant slalom) and Nordic (cross country) skiing, men's and women's ice hockey and figure skating.

July 1995: The 7th Annual Northwest Gay/Lesbian Summer Sports Festival was held over the 4th of July weekend. Athletes representing each of the following sports attended: Croquet, Cycling, Golf, Ice Hockey, Running, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball.

March 1996: Team Seattle produced its 3rd Annual Gay/Lesbian Winter Sports Festival (Slide for Pride). The event featured Alpine (slalom and giant slalom) and Nordic (cross country) skiing, men's and women's ice hockey tournaments and men's and women's dance and pairs figure skating.

July 1996: The Northwest Gay/Lesbian Summer Sports Festival was held over the 4th of July weekend. Close to 1,500 athletes attended from around the country.

July 2002:  Team Seattle attends Gay Games VI in Sydney Australia and takes home a large share of the medals.  Over 13,500 people attend the Gay Games in Sydney.

July 2006:  Team Seattle attended Gay Games VII in Chicago, IL, USA and the first OutGames in Montreal, Canada.

July- August 2010:  Team Seattle attends Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany.




TEAM Seattle Individual Membership

We’ve created a membership program to help foster and support the over 3000 athletes and outdoor recreation enthusiasts of the Northwest who participate in our programs and play on our queer sports teams.  We encourage all athletes on various teams to partner with Team Seattle via individual membership. 

Many of you are going to the Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany and the Outgames in Copenhagen in 2009.  If you are reading this, you’ve already been benefiting from Team Seattle’s participation in the coordination of preparations for these two major international events and/or you and your clubs & teams have often operated under our charitable fiscal umbrella.

We are making exciting plans for the future of LGBT sports in the Northwest and have begun to build a critical mass to attract sponsors to support our programs, future sports festivals & parties and scholarship assistance for national and international championship competitions.

In order to accurately represent you and enable easy direct communication with the diversity of people that make-up our community we want to count you in! 

Members going to the Gay Games & Outgames get a discount on their uniform for opening & closing ceremonies as well as gifts from our sponsors.

Members will get admission discounts off future special events.

Members will receive special discounts at the retail stores and restaurants of our Team Seattle sponsors.

Your membership helps sustain Team Seattle basic operations.

Your Teams and Clubs will benefit from the ability to attract better sponsorship as we will be able to build our numbers into a community-wide, recognizable presence.  And they will be able to receive improved technical assistance with fundraising and media coverage. 

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f you have questions about Team Seattle, our sponsored events or Seattle sports you may contact us at:

Team Seattle
1122 East Pike, PMB515
Seattle, WA 98122
phone: 206.782.7636

contact: (

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