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 2018 Gay Games 10 - also known as Gay Games X will be in Paris, France. 

The next Gay Games after Cleveland is Gay Games 10 (Gay Games X) and will be in August 2018 in Paris, France.  Click here for information on Gay Games X.  Select ENGLISH.  Paris is a wonderful city.  The cost of lodging in the first week of August is traditionally the lowest price of the season for Paris! 


The city of Paris has been selected as the site for the tenth edition of the Gay Games in 2018.

Cleveland, Ohio – (7 October 2013) Tonight the Federation of Gay Games announced the result of the vote to choose the host of Gay Games X. Paris, France was chosen over fellow finalists Limerick and London to organize the 2018 edition of the world’s largest sporting and cultural event open to all.
The international delegates and board of directors of the Federation of Gay Games voted at the end of a three-day meeting featuring site inspection reports, question-and-answer sessions, committee reviews and, a highlight of the event, the oral presentation by each bidding organization. This meeting was held in Cleveland, host with Akron, of the 2014 Gay Games, presented by the Cleveland Foundation next year from 9-16 August.
David Killian, co-chair of the FGG Site Selection Committee, noted some factors that may have influenced voters in their choice: “The vote is the result of dozens of individual choices, but some points stood out for many voters. Paris proposed a wide range of sports in quality venues, many of which offer good visibility for the event. French LGBT sport organizations already have a great deal of experience hosting international multisport tournaments, and their LGBT community presents outstanding cultural events. They are already well advanced in planning, for example, with the designation of a dedicated sports manager. They arrived with demonstrable political support, including Minister for Sport Valerie Fourneyron and five-time Olympic fencing medalist Laura Flessel, who were part of the presentation team. And of course Paris is a great destination to visit or revisit.”
FGG co-president Kurt Dahl described the next steps: “With the selection of our presumptive host, we open a 90-day window to execute our license agreement, with the support of law firm Fox Rothschild on the FGG side. We entered this process close to agreement with all three bidders, so we’re convinced that we will be able to confirm Paris as the host of Gay Games X very shortly.”
FGG co-president Emy Ritt noted the high level of all the bids and those behind them: “It’s been such an enriching experience to discover so many new people through this bidding cycle. The talent, energy, and enthusiasm of these men and women was inspiring to all of us at the Federation. We are convinced that all involved will continue to contribute to the Gay Games movement, and we would be fortunate to benefit as an organization from the participation of such outstanding individuals.”

“The quality of bids for 2018 was superb,” said Dahl. “We thank the teams from Limerick and London for taking part in the Gay Games X bidding process. Their communities should be proud of the detailed plans and enormous heart they showed in their proposals. It’s a real demonstration how deeply important the Gay Games has become over the years that so many talented people from around the world want to carry on its legacy.”

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In October 2013, the International Federation of the Gay Games (FGG) awarded the Paris 2018 association the privilege of organizing the 10th edition of the Gay Games in Paris from the 2nd to the 12th of August 2018 and to bring together some 15,000 participants from around the world.  The two associations signed the 10th Gay Games Charter, in the presence of Valérie Fourneyron, the Minister of Sports, Continuing Education, Youth and Community Organizations, between Paris on February 13, 2014.  The largest hetero-friendly sports, cultural, festival event in the world!  Open to all, the Paris Gay Games will contribute to the visibility and integration of Lesbians, Gays and the Transgendered.

Metropolitan Paris, a cosmopolitan city, continues to look towards the future.  Already at the forefront of LGBT political action, the city intends to go even further by organizing this event on an international scale.  Situated at the crossroads of the European Union, Paris will thus bring forth its humanist and cultural values by welcoming the games, whose primary goal is to promote the message of non-discrimination, equality and respect. 

The Gay Games stress the values of participation, inclusion and personal challenge.  The games are welcome to everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origins, political views, their physical, athletic or artistic capabilities, their age or health status.  No performance standards are required, only what is essential is the desire to uphold the objectives of the games.  The Gay Games thus offer the opportunity to openly express oneself and to enjoy the spirit of friendship through sports, culture and art – all in an environment of tolerance.


Team Seattle will have a large contingent of athletes going to Paris.  We will start fund raising for the events after Cleveland 2014, Gay Games 9.


Gay Games X





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