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Chicago Gay Games VII DVD Review

Kelly Stevens Co-Chair Team Seattle
This one is a winner.  The Chicago Gay Games VII DVD is really excellent.  The DVD covering the Sydney Gay Games was too long; the New York Gay Games video was too short.  This one is just right.  If you have never been to a games event, this DVD will help you understand the joy of the Gay Games and Outgames.  If you have attended a games event, it will give you wonderful memories.  
The 2006 Chicago Gay Games VII DVD was released on December 11, 2006.  The DVD is the official commemorative DVD for Chicago Gay Games VII and was directed by Brenda Schumaker.   It is approximately 2 hours long, covering all sports, opening, closing ceremonies and has small documentary features with the events in separate chapters.   Brenda Shumaker is due a documentary award for the excellent job that was done on this DVD.
Chapters are included for the sports and cultural events without being too long.  The documentary pieces in chapter are really wonderful.  I especially enjoyed the chapter on women’s softball.  This was the first Gay Games for a women’s softball team from Taiwan.   The team lost every game, but the women would run off the field and give baseball hats to every woman on the winning team after every game.
The DVD has a chapter about disability and participation.   Each chapter is concise, yet gives a great feeling for the sport.  The DVD offers you a chance to see all the sports, which you could not possibly watch if you tried to attend all the events.  There is a bonus chapter with a short documentary about Dr. Tom Wadell, co-founder of the Gay Games.   The DVD also has a great chapter with tons of still photos from various professional photographers.
The DVD is available for $14.95 from



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